Bahar Suseven

 Expert for “Sustainable Solutions”

Cognizance, Mobility, Communication

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*"Environmental Problems and Environmental Methods in the Gulf of Gökova"/ Symposium/ Ören - Dokuz Eylül University, 1994, Lecturer

*"Civil Perspectives in the Environmental and Ecological Sector"/ Conference, İstanbul- Heinrich Böll Foundation and BACEP NGO Platform, 1995, Participant

 *"Competitive Advantages of Soft Tourism as the Tourism of the Future"/ Symposium/ Ören - Friedrich- Naumann- Foundation and Group for Liberal Thinking, 1996, Lecturer

 *"The Fishotters of Gökova- Akyaka"/ Seminar/ Akyaka- APSA, Akyaka Municipality, G.A.S.-Der, 1999, Lecturer

 *"The Situation of the Fishotter in Turkey"/ Symposium/ Antalya- TTKD, 1999, Lecturer

 *"Workshop for Economical Cooperation in the Aegean Region"/ Symposium/ Akyaka- EGEV, 2000, Participant

 *"3.Turkey Bird Conference" and White-tailed Duck Festival"/ Burdur- Burdur Municipality and DHKD/ WWF Turkey, 2000, Participant

 *"International Bird Count Techniques"/ Education Seminar- Bursa, DHKD/ WWF Turkey, 2001, Participant

 *"Economical Cooperation in the Aegean Region"/ Seminar- Muğla, EGEV, 2001, Participant

 *"4.Turkey Bird Conference"/ Kayseri- Erçiyes University and DHKD/WWF Turkey, 2001, Participant

 *"Project Development Course"/ İzmir- UNDP GEF/ SGP and DHKD/WWF Turkey, 2001, Participant

 *"Meeting of the Tourism Administrators, NGOs and the Ministry for Tourism for better Cooperation in the Tourism Sector", Marmaris- Ministry for Tourism, 2001, Participant

 *"White-tailed Duck Festival and Bird Seminar"/ Burdur- Burdur Municipality and DHKD/WWf Turkey, 2001, Participant

  *"5.Turkey Bird Conference "/ Samsun- Ondokuz Mayıs University and DHKD/ WWF Turkey, 2002, Participant

 *"Conference for Solidarity and Sustainability"/ Gothenburg (Sweden)- HBF and Friends of the Earth, 2001, NGO Delegate for the AKÇEP NGO Platform

 *"Shallow Lake Wetlands" (Sığ Göl Sulak Alanlar)/ International Conference/
Ankara- Hacettepe University, 2001, Participant

 *"National Symposium for Bird Research and Nature Protection"/ Ankara- Ministry of Forestry, DHKD, KAD, 2002, Participant

 *"II Eurasian IWRC Wildlife Rehabilitation Symposium"/ Ankara- NRWW, Embassy of the Netherlands and Ankara University, 2002, Lecturer

 *"The Situation of the Fishotter in Turkey II"/ Symposium/ Antalya- TTKD, 2002, Lecturer and Science Board Member

 *"UNDP GEF/SGP Project Coordinators Conference"/ Ankara- UNDP GEF/SGP, 2002, Lecturer

 *"Wetschool 2002"/ Sidi Bou Ghaba (Morocco)- WWF/AtW, 2002, Lecturer and Workshop Coordinator

 *"Project Development Education Seminar" (Proje Geliştirmesi Eğitim Semineri)/ Fethiye- FETAV, 2002, Co Educator

  *“Strategy and Action Plan towards Capacity Building for NGOs working with Biodiversity"/ 2 Workshops (“Biodiversity and Natural Resources Management Project (GEF II)”)/ Ankara-  Ministry for Environment Protection of Environment General Directorate, 2002-2003, NGO Representative and Observer

 *"UNDP GEF/SGP Project Coordinators II Conference"/ Ankara- UNDP GEF/ SGP, 2003, Lecturer

 *"6.Turkey Bird Conference "/ Adana- Çukurova University and Doğa Derneği, 2003, Lecturer

 *"Bird Atlas Education Seminar"/ İzmir- Doğa Derneği, 2003, Participant

 *"Education Seminar for Administrators involved in Protecting SPAs"/ Köyceğiz- APSA, 2003, Lecturer

 *"BAÇEP Regional Meetings", 1996- 2003, Continuous Participant and Secretarial Member

 *"AKÇEP National Meetings", 1996- 2003, Continuous Participant  and Lecturer

 *"Anatolia Miss Tourism International Beauty Contest"/ Akyaka- Akyaka Municipality, 2004, Co Organiser and Chief of Camp

 *"IBA Caretaker Concept Workshop"/ Akyaka- Doğa Derneği, Participant and Co Organiser

 *"EBCC- Birdnumbers 2004"/ Kayseri- BirdLife International and Erciyes University, 2004, Participant and Poster Presentator

 *"International IBA Caretaker Workshop"/ Izmir, BirdLife International and Doğa Derneği, 2004, Participant

 *"7.Turkey Bird Conference "/ Izmir- Ege University and Doğa Derneği, 2004, Lecturer

 *"Sustainable Vision Process for the Gökova Basin" (5 Workshops/Meetings)/
Akyaka- Akyaka Municipality and G.A.S.-Der, 2004, Organiser
, Coordinator and Consultant

 *"Integrated River Basin Management"/ Barcelona- WWF/AtW, 2004,
Participant and Presenta
tor on Turkey's Water Policy

 *Sustainable Vision Process for the "Friends of Gökova-Akyaka" NGO,
Workshops/ Meetings, 2005, Akyaka, for the Friends of Gökova- Akyaka/ NGO, Organiser
, Coordinator and Facilitator

 *”Ecological and Economical Values of Wetlands”/ Valencia/ Gandia- WWF/AtW, 2005, Participant and Lecturer

 *”Eco Citizenship in the Euro Mediterranean Region”/ (3 Workshops)/ Veria, Greece; Gabrovo, Bulgaria; Izmir, Turkey; EU Directorate for Education and Culture; 2005-06 / Participant, Co-Facilitator and Lecturer

*”European Project Development Potentials”/ Athens, Apare/ CME/ GEC, Workshop, Participant and Consultant



 *"The Difficulties of Being Don Quixote in Turkey" Turkey's Environmental Movement through the Eyes of a Foreigner- An Analyses:                       

-100.Yıl University, Van, 1999,
-Muğla University, Muğla, 2000 

 *"Environment- Something Mysterious?" Ecology and Terminology of Wetlands

-Yunus Emre Secondary School, Gökova, 2002
-World Wetlands Day Seminar/ G.A.S.-Der, Akyaka, 2003
-Naip Hüseyin Secondary School, Köyceğiz, 2003